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We work with a privately owned California real estate corporation specializing in land sales. The company identifies areas that have the highest potential for growth. It identifies precursors - water, power, freeway expansion - that make an area grow rapidly. With California as the fastest growing State in the union, the unprecedented growth in population - especially Southern California, has created a tremendous demand for the limited land available.

Now is the time to invest in the future of California. We aim to make land ownership possible and affordable for everyone.

All of the properties listed are available for immediate or future development. Before we make our properties available, we look into all the essential elements for growth and development as well as job possibilities. With our research and knowledge of the area, we can assure you we offer some of the best properties for your speculative investment.

All these activities will create a tremendous impact in land values as housing, schools, community services, and other businesses require buildable land. Indications of this growth are becoming more evident each day, and all of us here.

We invite you to one of our free weekend tours so that you can see it for yourself!

Contact JED by email wcjedi @ gmail.com or (909) 743-6353.


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